Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 So-Cal Summer Daze Field Report

2011 So-Cal Summer Daze Field Report

Finally had some time to write something about the So-Cal Summer Daze car show from last month. Drove down to the City of Industry and immediately took pictures. Got there early, just a few minutes after it opened so I figured I had a lot of times on my hands. I think the car show was supposed to end at 7, so yea… I was casually focusing on car pictures.
I was smart and ignored the girls because I figured I can start taking pictures of the models closer to when the sun goes down later in the day. Yea, I had it all planned. I was smart… I thought.
Immediately so the food trucks and there were 3, I think one was Mexican food, the other Japanese and the third was Malaysian. Bought a chicken satay from the Malaysian one and it damn pretty good! I’d go there again, but they frequent mainly the Orange County area. Well, hope to see Mama again! The name kind of put me off at first but I’m glad I bought that chicken satay that included really good rice.
Now So-Cal Summer Daze itself was very chill. Just walking around and taking pictures was fun and relaxing. Met some friends and forgot about the real world of responsibilities and just relaxed.
Then came 4pm. Cops came in and basically closed down the car show event. What the hell man. I think it was because some of the cars were parked on another property. Yea, so I stayed a few minutes until the majority of the crowd were leaving and the vendors were closing up shop.
As I was leaving, the cops were video taping everyone as they drove off from the lot. Damn. What the hell man. That was basically it. I didn’t get a chance to get enough import model pictures which sucks, but the day was fun…. minus the cops showing up and closing the car show 3 hours early.
classic japanese car
Datsun Z picture at car show

hot girls
import model picture
lowrider truck
A Low Ride
modified car
Picture a modified car with tires kissing lip
food truck
socal food truck
A car and sticker
No fat chicks sticker
red nsx
An Acura NSX
Toyota Scion
Scion tC picture

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