Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 OC Auto Show Pictures

Drove down to the OC Auto Show and all was good. No traffic and everything was quiet as I finally reached Harbor Blvd. Then it hit me as I finally reached the Anaheim Convention Center. There was a line of cars waiting to pay the $12 parking fee. Once that was over, I entered the convention center and BAM!
I knew it was going to be a big crowd as I lined up to get my parking and finally it struck me even more as I got into the convention center. People were all over the place. This was a very big crowd. Is there even a recession? Didn’t feel like it as the crowds touched, sat and just ogled the vehicles on the show floor.
What did I do? I just started taking pictures. Most of the pictures I took were of the modified cars at the Shiftr area. I figured I’d take pictures here first and then move on to the bikini contest stage on the other side of the hall. Then I was planning on taking pics of the show cars later in the day. Good plan.
Acura NSX
Yellow Acura NSX

Bikini Contestant at 2011 OC Auto Show

Walked over to the bikini contest stage and waited like all the other guys, and waited. I thought the bikini contest was going to start at 1pm. Well, announcements got started at 1pm. Too many announcements of the fighters – weighing them and taking their pictures, and the announcing the eating contest. I don’t know how long they were up there making announcements, but I know it took a long time before the bikini contest started, and it sure wasn’t 1pm.
I hope next time, we’re told about the real schedule.
Overall, the bikini contest was fun, took a whole lot of pictures. Once it was all over, I went to the show floor and tried to take some car pics but figured that there was just too many people walking around and getting into the cars or just looking over cars. So yea, I didn’t take the pictures – I don’t normally like taking pics of cars with people in them.
Some day, I have to go to the media day because man, I really do need that time to get those car pictures without all the people around a car. Someday!
I admit I got to enthusiastic about taking a whole lot of pictures of the bikini contest, but it was hella fun! I could give a lame excuse like the crowd was so thick that I couldn’t get out, so I was being forced to take pictures, right?
Like I’ve said in the past, I really do like the OC Auto Show better than the LA Auto Show. It just has more activities for the entire family from the bikini contest, MMA fighting, driving experiences, hell, it just feels more inviting. The LA Auto Show has the glamor but sometimes it feels really cold – like a business.

OC Auto Show bikini contestant

Black Audi
Modified Audi
Beautiful Lamborghini
A hot looking Lamborghini
Black Mercedez
A nice looking black Mercedez

OC Auto Show bikini contestant

A lot of bikini contestants

Bikini contestant winners
Car show picture
Pic of car at OC Auto Show

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