Monday, June 13, 2011

Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430 iMove Maragoni

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-Front-SideAlfa Romeo Giulietta tuner also does not lack attention, the last service for him is the version of iMove Maragoni G430, which will be presented at the Motor Show in Bologna, in the period December 4 to 12 this year.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-RearA characteristic feature Alfa Romeo Giulietta iMove Maragoni G430 steel tire from Maragoni (size 235/35 R19), painted in acid green with the addition of a fluorescent pigment.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-InteriorThe machine is also not left out, the serial version, capable of 235 hp to 286 hp overclocked, thanks to the emergence of the catalyst, the new turbine and exhaust system Ragazzon stainless steel.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-SideIn addition, new suspension from KW, Giulietta approach road to 4.0 mm, body painted in matte dark gray, the exterior is filled with new bumpers and sports rafting along with a rear spoiler. The interior receives a new execution, including leather and Alcantara trim carbon fiber.

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